"... a grand slam out-of-the-park home run for anyone desiring

to live on a higher plain of success and job satisfaction.”

– Kelly Gruber –
Toronto Blue Jays World Series Champ

I Hate My Job: The Cure For the 9 – 5 Syndrome

If you are like 80% of the workforce, you dread Monday mornings and long for Friday afternoons. Although I certainly believe that work culture and company success emanate from the top, I also believe those of us without a titled position of authority have much to offer to the health of our companies, as well as to our own well-being. When workplace dysfunction unleashes its toxicity on your day or career, you no longer need to feel hopeless and despondent. It’s time to separate yourself from the masses  who trudge through their working days  in the crippling gear of wishful thinking, accepting the hopeless claim that unless you are the boss, there is nothing that can be done to offer respite, remedy or influence towards positive change. In this book you will learn that achieving joy at work, even as one without a leadership title, is not as elusive or arbitrary as one may think. There is a cure for the Monday – Friday Syndrome, and you have a large part to play in administering the vaccine.


The Definitive Guide to Smashing Goals: How To Easily Get What You Want From Life

Are you tired of wanting to reach a goal but just can’t seem to get there? The typical problem keeping you from getting what you want is not the goal or dream but rather HOW you are trying to reach your goal.

Forget everything you have heard about goals and be guided by a process I have found success through in my personal and professional lives, as have thousands of world-class athletes, business magnates, outstanding performers and scores of people, just like you.

There is no need to live your life feeling shortchanged, discouraged or unfulfilled because you know what you want but can’t seem to achieve it. Whether you’re setting personal or professional goals, this guide – The GROW Model – will explain everything you need to know.

This book will bring your distant, elusive goals within your grasp by utilizing a time-tested, science backed model. I am proud to present to you The Definitive Guide to Smashing Goals!

The Teamwork Ladder: 8 Steps to MAXIMUM Success For You & Your Organization

This international top-seller not only teaches eight of the most powerful teamwork principles but clearly outlines how to plug each principle into your day to day activities so both you and your company can realize off-the-charts success. Drawing upon the analogy of building a physical ladder, each rung and side represent a key principle that when applied to the reader’s daily actions will catapult her to higher levels of staff unity, success and job satisfaction. The Teamwork Ladder is a how-to model for managers, staffs and individuals who want to learn the essentials of working with others for maximum, mutual success. Just as a carpenter relies on a blueprint, a baker needs her recipe and a traveler has a map, you and your staff require a guide to ensure you get the success you desire. The Teamwork Ladder is that principle-based plan that will keep everyone on the same course, intentionally moving towards heightened levels of job satisfaction, staff unity and success.


Six Lies About Happiness: What You REALLY Need to Know

Regardless of age, background or gender, every person on our planet desires the same thing: We want to be happy. At this point in your life, you have reached a conclusion about what it takes to be happy; or if it is even possible for you. With your current life experiences and knowledge, you buy into beliefs, hoping it will serve and empower you to achieve more happiness. Sadly, some of the information passed on to you by society, significant others in your life, self help books and experiences are fallacious and misleading. Drawing upon the latest research from the science of happiness and looking at the commonalities of the happiest people on the planet, SLAH exposes six ubiquitous lies that are likely robbing you from the happiness you deserve. Plugging in to even one of these lies is sure to bring you some degree of frustration, ultimately nudging you away from a richer, more fulfilling life. Whatever your current situation, in this easy to read book, you will learn six of the most powerful and effective truths to organize your life around. It’s time to begin being happy – deeply, fully, and genuinely happy!