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Are you tired of wanting to reach a goal but just can’t seem to get there? The typical problem keeping you from getting what you want is not the goal or dream but rather HOW you are trying to reach your goal. Forget everything you have heard about goals and be guided by a process I have found success through in my personal and professional lives, as have thousands of world-class athletes, business magnates, outstanding performers, and scores of people, just like you. There is no need to live your life feeling shortchanged, discouraged, or unfulfilled because you know what you want but can’t seem to achieve it. Whether you’re setting personal or professional goals, this guide – The GROW Model – will explain everything you need to know. This book will bring your distant, elusive goals within your grasp by utilizing a time-tested, science backed model. I am proud to present to you The Definitive Guide to Smashing Goals!

“You don’t need a title to be an MVP in your company”

National Speaker, Life Coach, Top-selling Author & Expert on Leadership, Teamwork & Job Satisfaction.

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My Approach

Although every person’s life narrative is unique, I believe there are specific universal principles that govern all of our professional and personal lives. When we have crystal-clear understanding of how our daily actions conflict with these principles, we can then align our behaviors and routines to ensure our outcomes provide the happiness and fulfillment we desire.  Whether in a staff training session, a keynote address or a company event, I clarify what is required to break through your struggles and capture that feeling that you are winning. I believe with simple instruction and easy to apply tools, you can move from that day-to-day struggle of surviving to a vibrant, fulfilling life where you are thriving.

For Professional Groups

Every organization wants to win but too often the winning ingredients of clarity and motivation become lost in the day to day busyness of work and life. Through a relevant keynote speaking, William brings a motivating and refreshing experience where participants leave, not simply with motivation and clarity on the respective topic, but fully equipped to be powerful leaders within their respective roles, repositioning themselves and their organizations for heightened success and happiness.

For Companies

Does your organization have great people and strong assets, yet struggle at many aspects of the success quest? William provides training for management, employees or entire staffs on the eight principles taught in his top selling book, “The Teamwork Ladder: 8 Steps to MAXIMUM Success.” While experiencing either a six hour team enrichment seminar or a three hour teamwork workshop, you will not only learn eight of the most powerful teamwork principles but will clearly and easily understand how to plug each evidence-based principle into your day to day activities, so both you and your company can realize off-the-charts success. These interactive, fun, learning experiences will be a game changer for you and your staff.

Want to improve your team game? The Teamwork Ladder presents a variety of practical, sensible, and extraordinary ideas about how people can work together more effectively.



William J. Nippard

Top selling author, speaker, CE facilitator and certified life coach

William is a premier national speaker and authority on job satisfaction, leadership development, teamwork and the science of happiness. For 20 years, Nippard has captivated staffs and audiences at national conventions, businesses, professional groups, government, and nonprofits with his motivational and insightful knowledge on how to maximize job satisfaction and work with others for maximum, mutual success. His work has been featured in various magazines and his international top-selling book, “The Teamwork Ladder: 8 Steps to MAXIMUM Success” has helped employees and employers around the world discover their unique blueprint for heightened job fulfillment and personal happiness. The recipient of numerous awards including Dalhousie University’s Outstanding Alumni Award, NLDHA’s Distinguished Service Award and the Building a Better World Foundation Award, William has also been involved in international charities to help provide shelter and food to victims of extreme poverty.

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