The Definitive Guide to Smashing Goals: How To Easily Get What You Want From Life


Are you tired of wanting to reach a goal but just can’t seem to get there? The typical problem keeping you from getting what you want is not the goal or dream but rather HOW you are trying to reach your goal. Forget everything you have heard about goals and be guided by a process I have found success through in my personal and professional lives, as have thousands of world-class athletes, business magnates, outstanding performers, and scores of people, just like you. There is no need to live your life feeling shortchanged, discouraged, or unfulfilled because you know what you want but can’t seem to achieve it. Whether you’re setting personal or professional goals, this guide – The GROW Model – will explain everything you need to know. This book will bring your distant, elusive goals within your grasp by utilizing a time-tested, science backed model. I am proud to present to you The Definitive Guide to Smashing Goals!