Regardless of age, background or gender, every person on our planet desires the same thing: We want to be happy. At this point in your life, you have reached a conclusion about what it takes to be happy; or if it is even possible for you. With your current life experiences and knowledge, you buy into beliefs, hoping it will serve and empower you to achieve more happiness. Sadly, some of the information passed on to you by society, significant others in your life, self help books and experiences are fallacious and misleading. Drawing upon the latest research from the science of happiness and looking at the commonalities of the happiest people on the planet, SLAH exposes six ubiquitous lies that are likely robbing you from the happiness you deserve. Plugging in to even one of these lies is sure to bring you some degree of frustration, ultimately nudging you away from a richer, more fulfilling life. Whatever your current situation, in this easy to read book, you will learn six of the most powerful and effective truths to organize your life around. It’s time to begin being happy – deeply, fully and genuinely happy!